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Our Story

ICONIC Expands Cultural Experiences Through Digital Innovation

Founded eight years ago, Iconic is a global pioneer in expanding the reach of cultural institutions and the arts.  We help our partners reach new audiences and develop new revenue streams.  For cultural consumers, we provide unmatched access to leading cultural institutions, enabling them to collect world-class digital and physical artworks.  Our expertise in web3 technologies and digital storytelling is unmatched.  

Unlike emerging Web3 art collection platforms, our programs prioritize the missions of our cultural partners and the context of the creative initiatives we co-create.  Each digital collectible and experience is thoughtfully developed, informed by a comprehensive understanding of our partner’s history and goals, cultural significance and relevance, artist inspiration and influence, and societal impact. We’re not just offering digital assets; we’re sharing the rich narratives that make them meaningful for a contemporary audience. 

Iconic is the recipient of the 2022 United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation in Culture and Tourism. Notable partners include The White House Historical Association, the Universal Hip Hop Museum, the Jackson Pollock Studio, and the Women's Suffrage National Monument Foundation.

About Iconic

Our Story

Iconic was conceived at the intersection of culture and emerging technologies during a period of global change. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the traditional means for appreciating and preserving art and cultural heritage were drastically disrupted. Recognizing the challenges facing cultural institutions worldwide, Iconic was formed to create digital solutions that could safeguard our shared cultural heritage and create sustainability for the cultural industry at-large. 

At the core of Iconic’s mission is the integration of traditional art institutions and emerging digital networks. We provide a platform and program that enables museums to expand their reach, interacting with a global audience without physical or geographic constraints. Simultaneously, we offer artists an expansive digital medium for expression, opening up new arenas of creativity, visibility, and collection.

How We Work


We deliver a seamless, end-to-end experience for our partners and our community of buyers. Our four-step process ensures each drop is as lively and powerful as the last.



At ICONIC, our approach to campaign creation is deeply collaborative. We partner closely with cultural institutions, tapping into their vast knowledge and expertise to ideate unique digital art initiatives that captivates art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Every campaign is in alignment with our Partner's mission, engagement and revenue goals while enabling digital growth.



ICONIC partners with each institution to create customized digital art campaigns that increase global engagement and deliver digital revenue streams.

We work directly with curators, traditional and digital artists, and collection managers to create digital art campaigns that your patrons will love.


Strategy & Marketing

At ICONIC, we've built the largest base of digital collectors for museums in the world. In fact, our Art Pass has hit #1 worldwide in sales across Web3 twice.

Our methodology involves an integrated experience that encompasses social, traditional, and digital media, supported by our expertise in creative, technical and marketing fields. This comprehensive approach extends far beyond the confines of a typical digital collectible campaign. It's about creating an immersive, engaging experience that transcends the ordinary, connecting our partners with audiences in ways that are meaningful and impactful.

Our strategy is based on industry data & insights that maximize campaign success.


Launch & Grow

The ICONIC platform makes use of state-of-the-art web3 technologies to ensure a seamless experience for all users, be they artists, museums, or art collectors. The platform is designed to optimize visibility and engagement, making each campaign launch significant.

Post-launch, we actively monitor campaign performance and growth. With data-driven insights, we continuously refine and evolve our approach, ensuring each campaign not only meets its objectives but also fosters a long-lasting relationship between museums, artists, and collectors.